Marcelo Fratini
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With more than 15 years behind the decks, Marcelo Fratini is one of the most recognized DJs of Argentina. Born at the end of the 70s in Buenos Aires, is not only his wide experience but his excelent job when it comes the time of turn on the danceflorr which leads him to be one of the most important artists of the region.

Through the recongition and the respect he has earn off all his coleagues, he is one of the most requested local artists to perform along the international DJs.

Own unique style, fusing sounds like Progressive, Trance and Techno, his performances I offer much groove, based on a fine selection of music and create the festive atmosphere by which it is recognized, always focused on doing dance and have a good moment the audience.

Installed as one of the biggest local acts, Marcelo started to develop his production ambitions with some releases in labels as Istmo Music y Armada Music.

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