Alberto Lencina
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He was born on June 15, 1965 in Bs. As. He grew up listening to disco 70s and 80s music as Kool & the Gang, Gino Soccio, Giorgio Moroder, Jarre, Alan Parsons and many other bands. Thanks to this musical direction, he began his career behind the decks after 14 years in the disco "Sir Jhones" (Morón) also going through Pinar de Rocha, Aquarium, Annabels, Vinicius, Coven, Juan de los Palotes and many other places that were at the top in the 80’s.

He participated in the Energy Parade of 1999 and 2000, in Buenos Aires - Argentina, presented at Museum with the DJ Judge Jules, as a guest, compiled Electrostatic Vol I, then come. Energy Day 1 Rave, Rave Energy Day 2 and Electrostatic arrive later Vol. II (considered the most important trance album edited in Argentina). Also in 1999 he was in charge of DJ mixes compiled Time, promoted by Radio FM Energy. In this way the following year led by him and Dj Mike Ares the unforgettable cycle "Electrostatic" a fantastic duo behind the decks playing vinyls and doing perfect mixes, they presented nightly the best news of House and Trance simultaneously on Signal FM 88.5 Radio, he was in charge of production and driving the program "Time Tunnel "a real tribute to the music of the 70, 80 and 90. A unique program of its kind, for being gone from a DJ booth, live, mixer, decks and a collection of more than 5,000 original vinyls, sounding the Alberto Lencina stylefor all their listeners. In 2000 he was in charge of collating and armed CD "Memories FM" for the FM 88.5, where he leave captured 80s.

He started as producer and his songs were published in the compiled "Energy Vol. 7", "Bs. As Energy Parade 99 "and" Bs. As Energy Parade 2000 ". In 2001 he organized the mega-event "Spring Dance" in "North Showcenter" where with 12 Djs made 8000 people dance for 24 hours outdoors. He was also responsible for the music festival "Disco of the 70 and 80" sponsored by FM GEN where he played with Alejandro Pont Lezica and Rafael Sarmiento (the two most important DJs of the 70s) to over 1000 people.

In 2001 released his first solo album entitled "Flying Sound". The first track on this compilation's was "East", produced by Alberto Lencina. In August 2002 he became the first Argentinean DJ who recorded his live set from the “Retro Club”, getting recognition by shouting, clapping and lived joy in an unforgettable night of his fans, all the energy of the best Trance World. This compilation on CD under the name of "Alberto Lencina Live In Retro" composed the fourth works of his collection. The 5th CD entitled "A. FLIGHT L. 5763 "was released in 2002 citing his Radio program “90.3 FM ECO” by its satellite coverage came to all provinces, obtaining this way continuous live performances in different clubs in Salta, Tucumán, Jujuy , Mendoza, Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, in short length and width of Argentina.

With this explosion of success, one year after presenting "A.L. FLIGHT 5763 VOL2 "with the latest Global Trance, continuing this compiled a series of unique in this genre for Argentina. Until 2003 Alberto worked in the production and handling of his favorite show "The Time Tunnel" on Sundays from 21-24 hours. by “SOUND 88.5”, with the best of Funk, Disco, Soul, Hi Energy, House and Trance of all time, the best information on each group, alongside producer or DJ mixes live more shocking, THE TUNNEL, was a radial show unique and unmistakable.

The Valley Dance Party, organized throughout 2004 by Alberto, had the presence of guest DJs and Producers, National and international electronic scene, highlighting the duo Plastic Angel, The finishing touch to end this cycle was the release of the CD "Dance Valley", an entirely selected and mixed by Alberto Lencina work, including nationals DJ productions. At present "The Legend of the National Trance", as his fans call him, heading his weekly radio show "Flight 5763 "every Saturday at 22 pm by and has just released his latest hit titled" New Life ". Alberto Lencina undoubtedly is who brought trance music to Argentina.

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